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Andrew Curran: Writing Non Fiction

Andrew Curran

Writing: Non Fiction

My non-fiction writing is to inform on the stuff I find fascinating.

The Little Book of Big Stuff about the Brain [click here to buy on Amazon] is, no surprise, about how your brain works.

It was written to try and tell the story of your brain, how it evolved, and how it works in all its myriad complexity. The style is aimed at all ages - it even has a few jokes in it.

The drawings are illustrative and often comedic as I try to open your eyes to the depth of beauty that your brain has.

It was a fascinating book to write. It is the content of this book that I use in my presentations. The literature in brain understanding continues to expand - and I continue to study it with the same passion and fascination I have always felt for it.

Get off the Sofa [click here to buy on Amazon] is to help you understand the choices you make in life with regards to your health - how to choose between the good ones and the bad ones.

I really am not a fan of the health advertising that is splattered across the billboards. There is also some evidence that it doesn't actually acheive very much

I wrote this book to try and reason with you, to try and get you to think intelligently about the health choices you make - and then come to your own conclusions about what you want to do - and that of course may be nothing.

It was astoundingly interesting to write. I must have been learning 10 new things a day when I was researching it.

I hope it does get through to you that the choices you are making now will effect your entire life.

And I'm only just getting started!

'Its Autism, Dummy' [click here to buy on Amazon] is basically a picture book designed to help anyone from 5 to 85 years old understand a little about how our understanding of brain functions go some of the way to explain the common problems that people with autistic spectrum disorder have.

It is based on talk that I do for ASD groups. I have been asked for some time to make the talk into a book.

So I have done that.

If you get it I hope it is of some use to you.