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Andrew Curran Music, Writing and much more

Andrew Curran

Welcome To My Site

I am a paediatric neurologist working in a hospital in the UK. I specialise in all aspects of paediatric neurology but especially in autistic spectrum disorder, long term severe neurodisability, brain injury and migraine. I also do medicolegal work.

This website is not for any of those things (though for medicolegal work you can contact me from this if you wish).

It's a picture book to (hopefully) explain some of the basic functional problems in autistic spectrum disorder in terms of the brain's basic functioning. click here

This website is for all the other things I do - my creative output. There's my music through writing to my work as a presenter within education and also on television and radio.

It's somewhere where I can share essays that I write on all manner of things from autism and cerebral palsy to my perceptions about the world, its religions and politics.

There are also lots of pictures.

Welcome - and enjoy.