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Andrew Curran: Music: Album: Some Kind Of Honesty

Andrew Curran

Music: Album: Some kind of honesty

This was such fun. Adele had just stripped most of the music out of pop - and what a stunning result!

Some kind of honesty because so many of my songs start off as words dropping together in my mind trying to express a truth (Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Suzanne Vega, Kris Kristofferson all resonate deeply with me).

This album is just that - a collection of poems put to music.

I wanted a stripped back, solid feel that still held poignancy.

Chris and myself got that feel - and then I just had to add the fiddle and the banjo and all the guitars.


Then I went to Spain to Helen Monks (one of my vocal coaches) and laid down the vocals

I hope you like it

Badly Tuned Guitar