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Andrew Curran: Writing Fiction

Andrew Curran

Writing: Fiction

My own fictional writing is, of course, an exploration.

The Peregrine Series are about coming to terms with being brought up in Northern Ireland during the many, many years of violence we experienced there, of trying to make sense of the indefensible enacted by all the sides in the conflict. There are 2 books so far, but I have others writing themselves in my mind even as I write this.

The Peregrine is, of course, a hawk, a beautiful, deeply mythological bird found on isolated cliffs. They are a rare bird and are called by different names in different countries across Europe where they roam.

To stand under the towering rocks of an inland cliff and see that pointed winged cross suspended in the mighty heavens above you is incredible. To hear the cry echoing down to you from the unforgiving granite is to feel a primal fear of death.

The Pergrine Series is about dealing with the Troubles through the experiences of Bridget, a registrar in psychiatry, and Paddy, a psychiatric charge nurse. Working anywhere in Northern Ireland during the Troubles was to experience the direct effects of violence not only on the body but also on the mind.

Bridget and Paddy meet in the psychiatric unit in Derry. Their paths have crossed in trying to help a man found nailed to the floor of a warehouse with his legs broken with concrete blocks.

Their journey takes them through the back streets of Derry, and in a hunt across the length and breadth of Ireland as they seek to find their own destinies whilst escaping the death that stalks them.

To be honest, I am not sure what genre these books fit into. Certainly action, certainly romance, and certainly the whole concept of self discovery.

Wherever they fit on the shelf, I hope they find a place in your heart and mind.