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Andrew Curran: Fiction: Mana Harbour

Andrew Curran

Writing: Fiction: Mana Harbour

I couldn't resist the thought of a hospital called "Mana Harbour". It just seems such a great name for a place of succour.

Except - well, except hospitals, in my extensive experience of then, are more often the seat of narrow mindedness, petty politics and rank stupidity. They are predominatly populated by ordinary people doing an ordinary job.

That is so much less than our patients deserve.

But hey, they are just corporates after all, controlled by those least able to deliver one-to-one care to their fellow human beings.

Scattered among the dross though there is always excellence. It can be hard to find but striving against the sludged river of the ordinary there will always be those that refuse to deliver anything but their absolute best.

Mana Harbourt was written to celebrate those individuals striving for excellence - in a medieval world full of orcs and dwarves and wizards and all those good fantasy things.

It was a blast to write.

A great big grin of an experience.